xmas-2016-calendar1WARNING: NOT FOR SMALL CHILDREN!!!! Put some pep back into your step this holiday season with “Santa’s Slay”. Its everything a horror fan could want for Christmas! Take a stroll through Santa’s workshop and see lobotomized elves mindlessly packing demented toys! Evil Jack Frost, rabid reindeer, chainsaw-wielding Santa’s, and SO much more! But first, you must take out Santa’s helpers, elves and minions in his underground workshop using replicas of M4 rifles.  A few people in your group will be tasked with protecting you while making your way through.  But once relieved of your weapons, its open season on you the rest of the journey!

You will even have the opportunity to get your photo taken with our zombie Santa in the traditional “mall photo” style, but with our demented twist! This is a must see event. We are going bigger and badder this season, with even more Christmas “fear”! , December 10th and 17th. Ticket booth hours are 8:00pm-11:00pm.

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