We don’t just scare you! Now we can touch you! Only those who accept a red glow necklace at the gate will be willing participants in this more intense haunted attraction experience. If at any time you want the intensity to stop, just discard the necklace and the physical contact will stop.

At Brighton Asylum’s “Contact Nights” you may be subjected, but not limited, to the following: forced separation from your group or path, simulated abduction, physical contact, contact with water, crawling, profanity, etc. Not recommended for pregnant women, people with heart conditions, respiratory problems, back and neck problems, balance problems, anxiety conditions, claustrophobia conditions, and other medical conditions that could be made worse by these situations.  Those with medical braces of any kind will be refused admission for safety reasons.  We are wheelchair accessible.

Rules for Brighton Asylum’s “Contact Nights”


-Only 2-5 guests enter at a time

-DO NOT TOUCH THE ACTORS. THEY WILL TOUCH YOU (IF you are wearing the glow necklace provide at entry for free)

-No smoking, alcoholic beverages, weapons, pets, cameras, flashlights, over sized purses, high heels, flip flops, or laser pointers permitted inside the attraction. Guests will be screened before entering. Anyone deemed unfit for entry will be denied admission without refund. 

-No videography.  No photography. 

-No backbacks.

-Leave the expensive items and wardrobe at home or in your car! We are not responsible for damaged or lost property.

If there are any rules that you do not follow, you will be asked to leave.

-Brighton Asylum reserves the right to deny admission to any person for any reason at any time

There are no refunds. 

Still have questions? Visit Brighton Asylum FAQ page or Contact page.