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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What Time Are you Open?
Where Are You Located?
How Much Does it Cost?
What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept credit cards for on-line purchases, and cash at the door. We have an ATM on site should you not have cash handy

TIP: We always recommend purchasing your tickets in advance as we have a tendency to sell out many of the more popular time slots even before we open for the night.

Is there an age limit?

A: NO.

TIP: Any children who attend cannot be carried, and must walk on their own

Will you separate us from our group?

A: No.  We believe in groups enjoying a haunted house together and seeing others in their group getting scared and having fun.  We allow guests to enter together in groups of up to 5 in all haunted houses. (1408 escape room has a capacity of 7, and all other escape rooms have a capacity of 6).

TIP: If you like the idea of getting touched or separated from your group, you can opt in for this more intense experience ANY NIGHT we are open.  Visit our  “Contact Nights” for more information. 

Ticket Questions

My Ticket is for 9PM. When should I arrive?

Please arrive at the time stated on your ticket.  Arriving earlier only extends your wait time.  We will not allow guests to enter their timed slotted queue until 15 minutes before the time stated your ticket.

TIP: Timed ticketing is a wait reduction strategy only.  You will not enter the attractions at the time stated on your ticket.  The time on your ticket is your arrival time.  Wait times vary. To reduce your  wait times further, attend earlier in the month, on Thursday, or Sundays.  Fridays and Saturdays are peak times for haunted houses.  Also, allow extra time for parking.  If you have a later time slot, consider parking at our off-site parking lot (not available on Thursdays) and taking the shuttle over for your convenience. Choose early time slots to take advantage of our on-site parking. 

What does my Ticket purchase include?

Our 2 attraction combo includes admission to both Brighton Asylum and The Tunnel.  Our 3 attraction combo includes our newest attraction The Bleeding Grounds. Our “Scared Stiff Package” includes all 3 attractions, plus admission to The Horror Museum, and a 5 minute escape room.

Our 60 minute escape rooms must be purchased separately, in advance online. These experiences typically sell out before we even open for the night so if you are interested in them, you must purchase them in advance.

TIP: When purchasing 60 minute escape room tickets, the amount of tickets available will show in the “quantity” box. 1408 has a quantity of 7 available and The Tomb has 6 available.  So if only 2 are available for The Tomb at  7pm, this means 4 tickets were purchased and only 2 tickets remain. Please keep this in mind when making an escape room purchase for your group.

Do we have to print out tickets?

A: You may print your tickets or we can scan them directly from your phone.

TIP: Have your phone charged and the tickets ready to be scanned at each attraction. Those without an operating phone cannot be granted entry.  Please come with a full battery, or print your tickets instead. We will not be able to retrieve tickets from dead phones. 

Can I switch the time/date of my ticket? We can't make it to our reservation.

A: We will make every effort to help you reschedule your ticket IF THE TIME SLOT IS NOT SOLD OUT.  Rescheduling must be done Monday-Wed only.  We are unable to reschedule tickets Thurs-Sun.

TIP: If a time slot is sold out, please don’t email us “can we just get 1 more”.  We will not be able to respond to those emails.  We get thousands of them.  Allowing thousands of people to purchase “just 1 more” would over run us and create unfavorable conditions for guests.  Once a time slot is sold out, it’s sold out.  This is for the comfort of our guests and quality of our show.  

Please send rescheduling requests to

Are there discounts for children?

A: No. We scare everyone equally.  Additionally, all children must walk through the attractions on their own 2 feet, and cannot be carried.

Are group rates available?

A: Yes.  Information on our group rates are available by clicking here


What is Brighton Asylum?

A: Brighton Asylum is an immersive, interactive, multi element indoor haunted house designed to play on your worst phobias, fears, and nightmares. Superb actors, Hollywood quality sets, special effects and so much more make up this award winning attraction featured on The Today Show, Cake Boss, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, News 12, Fox News and countless others. Brighton Asylum is comprised of 3 attractions…The Tunnel,  Brighton Asylum,  and The Bleeding Grounds.

Is it indoors?

A: Yes. All of our attractions are indoors and we are open rain or shine!. Our queue lines are located outdoors but are weather-protected. DRESS WARM.

What is Brighton Asylum Escape?

Brighton Asylum Escape is an interactive gaming experience where you and your friends must find clues, solve puzzles, find hidden passage ways, and work as a team in order to escape the room!  We have 4 highly immersive escape rooms including 1408 Escape, The Device, Bomb Squad, and The Tomb.

Coming Halloween season 2018, Brighton Asylum will be introducing a series of actor-based 5 minute escape rooms.  One room comes free with your purchase of any “Scared Stiff” ticket package.  Additional rooms can be purchased.

Brighton Asylum Escape requires a separate ticket purchase, and is not included with haunted attraction ticket purchases.  More info on our escape rooms can be found HERE

Can I play multiple escape rooms?

Yes!   It is highly advisable to purchase your tickets in advance, ahead of your visit to avoid having them sell out before your arrival.  1 hour escape rooms MUST be purchased in advance.  5 minute escape rooms can be purchased on site but we strongly recommend advanced bookings due to limited capacity

What is a "Contact Night?"

NEW FOR 2018! Now, we offer this more intense OPTIONAL experience each and every night we are open!  Simply accept a glow necklace to opt in, and discard it to opt out.  COMPLETELY SAFE for those who do not like contact. Rease below! 

A: In the past, these were special event nights where guests were given a glow necklace at the gate (entirely optional). If a glow necklace was accepted, our creatures, zombies, patients, and undead could PHYSICALLY interact with you!  These nights could also be attended by those who did not want to participate in the contact as the contact was entirely optional.  These were for our hardcore fans who wished to take the scares to another level.  Now we offer these optional experiences each and every night.  Don’t worry!  Those who do not like contact are completely safe!  Only those wearing the glow necklaces will be targeted for this more intense experience.  Those too scared to participate can sit back and watch all the fun!

More info on our Contact Nights HERE

Wait, Are you open for Christmas?

A: Brighton Asylum offers several off season haunted attraction events throughout the year, including our “Santa’s Slay”, “Dark Valentine”, Rottentail Slaughterhouse”, “Night Of The Creeps” events, Clown Asylum and more! Information on each is located on the EVENTS page.

On Site/Day Of Event Questions

How Long is the wait in line?

A: It depends. During our September hours, the wait is much shorter. The beginning of October, Sundays, and Thursdays will see less crowds as well as earlier in the night and later in the night as crowds dissipate. As it gets closer to Halloween, specifically on a Friday or Saturday night, the wait is longer.

Is there parking and do you charge for it?

A: We have on site parking, free of charge. On busy Friday and Saturday nights later in October, please allow extra time for parking. In addition to our on site parking, on Fridays and Saturdays in October, we also offer a large off site parking lot available at 199 Scoles Ave, Clifton NJ 07012 for your convenience.  Park there and ride the shuttle 4 min to Brighton Asylum. Shuttles pick up and drop off every 10 minutes or so.  At this time there is no charge for this convenient service.  You can also type “The Learning Center” into your phone’s navigation system.

Our off site parking lot hours at 199 Scoles Ave are from 1 hour before we open until 1 hour after we close on Fridays and Saturdays from Oct. 5th through Oct. 31st. Please utilize our on site lot during all other operational hours.

NOTE: Our off site parking lot is NOT open Mon-Thurs, and Sundays. Utilize our on site lot during week nights, Sundays, and Fridays/Saturdays before Oct. 5th.

Where is the waiting area?

A: The waiting area for all attractions is outdoors, under weather protected tents.  All the attractions themselves are INDOORS.  WE ARE OPEN RAIN OR SHINE! Please keep an eye on the temperature before coming so you can dress accordingly.

How long does it take to go through?

A:  Our Escape rooms are a 1 hour experience or a 5 minute experience depending on the room chosen.  If you choose the 3 attraction combo, we expect that you will experience heart-pounding action long enough to feel VERY satisfied, and worth the trip.  Its hard to say exactly how long it takes to navigate all 3 attractions because this is not a timed ride.  It’s a walk-through attraction where guests are free to experience the attractions at their own pace.  This vastly affects the amount of time guests are inside the attractions.  Guests who get scared easily and run through the attractions are inside for far less than those who really take in the environment and take their time.  Needlessly to say, Brighton Asylum is a world class haunted attraction experience, and has received numerous recognition, including visits from The Today Show, Cake Boss, actor James Franco, as well as winning top haunt awards from Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, Haunted Attraction Magazine, Haunted Attraction Association, and many more.

How many people enter at one time?

5 guests at a time for the haunted houses and 6 guests for our escape rooms (1408 can handle 7).  We will sometimes allow smaller groups on slower nights such as opening weekend, and Sundays.

ESCAPE ROOM NOTE: If you wish to enter ONLY with your own group, please purchase the maximum quantity of 6 tickets (7 for 1408) to guarantee other guests are not added to your game.  We will add guests to an escape room until we reach capacity.

We are a group of 6, can you make an exception?

A: Unfortunately No.  Our haunted houses have a maximum capacity and cannot deviate from it under any circumstances.  Smaller groups also have a better experience.  The last person in a large group sees everything coming and wont get the same experience.  By all means come in large groups but please separate into smaller groups at the entrance so we can process everyone accordingly.  Not doing so delays us and makes our lines longer.

Is Brighton Asylum Handicap Accessible?

A: Yes. There are a couple areas that may have to be by­passed; we provide by­passes for all guests that cannot go through certain rooms of the haunted house. Please make sure that you check in with an Event Staff employee and they will help you through the houses!

NOTE: The Bleeding Grounds is not wheelchair accessible.

NOTE: we do not allow anyone with medical braces to enter, such as casts, leg braces, crutches, as a pre-existing medical condition could be made worse by these events. Those in a secured wheelchair will be granted entry with a guide.

Do you have a lot of strobe lights in the haunted houses?

A: Yes. We have many strobe lights throughout the entire haunted house. It is not recommended for people that have Epilepsy to go through the haunted house. We also don’t recommend people with asthma, heart issues, pre existing medical conditions of any kind, back/neck problems, and pregnant women go through the haunted house. Those with medical braces of any kind will be denied admission.

Is there Security?

A: We have security on staff every single night including police officers, retired police officers, and SORA licensed security.

Can we take photos/video inside the haunted houses?

A: No. Photography and video recording (including GoPros) are not permitted

Can I bring my purse and/or shoulder bag into the haunted house?

A: We do not have lockers or a coat check at the haunted house. We do not allow bags or purses into the attractions as they have the potential to get caught on moving sets, walls and pose a safety hazard.  We suggest you leave your purse in your car.  If you are worried about expensive items in your purse, leave those items at home before attending.

Will the actors touch is? or can we touch the actors?

A: No. Actors will not touch you unless you are wearing a free glow necklace (provided at the entrance) which opts you into physical contact. You may opt out at any time by discarding the necklace. Please be respectful and do not touch the actors back under any circumstances. Incidental and unintentional contact may occur. Touching the actors will get your group ejected from the haunted house without refund.  If you are interested in “contact”, please read about our contact options here



Can pregnant women go though the haunted house?

A: We do not recommend pregnant women to go through the haunted house. So if you insist on going through pregnant, you do so at your own risk.

If I have asthma, can I go through the haunted house?

A: Even though large fog effects are not used at Brighton Asylum due to NJ state regulations, we still do not recommend those with asthma attend our show due to other ways asthma can be triggered, including, but not limited to: anxiety, fear, physical exertion, etc. You enter at your own risk.  If you insist on attending, and you have asthma, please bring your inhaler.

Who should not attend Brighton Asylum?

A: Brighton Asylum is not recommended for those with known and pre-existing medical conditions including, but not limited to: breathing, heart, psychological, joint or muscle conditions, pre-existing medical conditions, back, neck or skeletal problems, any activity made worse by physical exertion, or if you are not physically fit.  Attractions require guests to walk great distances over a winding pathway with moving floors and walls.

WARNING: Guests assume all risks for taking part in this activity.  This is a haunted attraction and with this activity, there are risks, known and unknown, associated with its participation.  Injury or death can occur as a result of taking part in this activity.  Brighton Asylum, its affiliates, its management, owners, landlord, or sponsors, assume no liability for injuries resulting from taking part in this activity.  By purchasing a ticket, you agree to hold harmless Brighton Asylum, its management, owners, landlord, and affiliates and assume all liability for taking part in this activity. 

Can I bring my dog?

A: Sorry, we know dogs are welcome at most places in New Jersey, however, it’s just too darn scary for our furry friends at Brighton Asylum. They would probably be more comfortable at home with the other scaredy cats…err humans.


Is this the same as Last Year?

A: No way! Just ask anyone who attends Brighton Asylum regularly, and they will tell you.  We update our scenes, characters and scares every season!  For 2018, we are adding brand new actor-based escape rooms, brand new scenes and scares in both Brighton Asylum and The Tunnel, plus an entirely ALL NEW attraction on the 2nd level of the asylum called “The Bleeding Grounds“.  You will not find this amount of yearly updates at any haunted attraction in the tri-state area, maybe the country!

We ran into the group in front of us, can we get a refund?

No.  Like large concert, theater and sporting events, there are no refunds of any kind.  If having a more “alone” experience is important to you, attend earlier in October, come in September, or on a week day.  Groups are spaced out before entering each of our attractions. Once inside, we do not control the pace at which guests navigate the attractions. Some walk slower than a pack of zombies and some run through it.  It is inevitable that some catching up will take place.  Brighton Asylum is designed to be scary and entertaining regardless of the pacing.

Is there any specific dress code to enter the Brighton Asylum?

A: Yes. No high heels (we have stairs inside the attraction), no backbacks or bags, no props or masks with costumes (costumes are permitted), and we highly recommend not wearing expensive clothing due to the potential for them getting stained, wet, ripped, etc, inside the attraction.  WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST, STOLEN, DAMAGED PROPERTY.

TIP: We are unable to go back through the attraction to look for your phone, or other items you WILL  drop because you insist on getting that video after we tell you there is no video recording or photography once you enter.  Likely, your phone is gone forever, even if you constantly email us to tell us the beacon says its still there.  Leave the phone in your pocket where it belongs.  

If I have a problem, can I get a refund?

A: If you have a problem, we want to hear from you right away, preferably on site, on the night of your particular complaint.  We are here to serve you and will work with you to resolve your particular issues.  However, like major sporting and concert events, refunds are not available for any reason.

Can I get out if I'm too scared?

A: Yes. There are emergency exits around most corners. Simply follow the emergency exits signs out of the haunt (without refund.  If we scared you that quickly, we did the job you paid us to do, and promptly!). We have staff in these areas to assist you. However, If you use these emergency exits, you will not be allowed back into the haunt. These emergency exits are for emergency only.

Are there refreshments at Brighton Asylum?

A: Yes. Refreshments vary night to night but we typically carry water, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, packaged snacks and more!

Can I show up drunk, stoned, and wreck your haunted house and assault your actors?

A: You should ask the police on duty this question. Every season (without fail) we have to escort someone (and their group) out of our haunts into the arms of the police. We do not allow aggressive behavior, pushing, weapons of any kind, alcohol, touching our actors or staff, etc. We have a list of rules just like any other business that must be adhered to for your own safety. Please go through the attractions in a civilized manner and everyone (including yourself) will have a great time.

NOTE: No outside food or beverages of any kind will be permitted past the security checkpoint.  All water bottles, coffee cups, etc, must be thrown out prior to entering. Additionally, we refuse entry to anyone who appears drunk , stoned, or openly aggressive towards our staff/actors

Can I work at Brighton Asylum?

A: We have a limited number of positions available each season. Check the “work here” tab for information on how to apply. Please keep in mind, we are looking for energetic, enthusiastic, and reliable people to be a part of our time. If you are simply looking for extra money, don’t have a passion for this genre, or are trying to pass the time, this is not the job for you.  You must be 18yrs or older to apply

My question isn't here. How can I contact you?

A: We can be reached at or 201-716-2827. We cannot answer emails or voicemails during hours of operation so please leave your questions for us ahead of time.


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