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Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad is a “5 minute” high stress escape challenge like no other!

You are part of an elite FBI unit, brought in specifically to disarm the world’s most dangerous explosive devices under incredibly unpredictable circumstances. Now, your team is being called back into action as the FBI has just seized a chemical bomb capable of leveling 20 city blocks. However, as agents were getting it back to the FBI’s secure storage facility the detonation sequence suddenly activated. Now, your team has just 5 minutes to deactivate the bomb. Evacuation is not an option. The core material of this bomb is extremely unstable. There is no time! It MUST be deactivated! So get your team in there, find the clues, solve the puzzles and DEACTIVATE THIS BOMB!!

5 minute escape challenges can only be purchased by haunted house ticketed guests. Guests must have a general admission, group rate, or fast pass haunt ticket to purchase

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