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Zombie Attack


Brighton Asylum has been completely overtaken by a deadly virus.  But that virus has one side effect worse than death.  It reanimates the dead!  In order to prevent this virus from spreading to the outside world, we need your help!  We need you and your team to eradicate the walkers and save the world!  Will you help us?

Zombie Attack is unlike any other form of entertainment you have experienced before.  You and your team of 4-5 will be armed with full weight, metal body replicas of actual M4 rifles.  Then, after a brief training, you will be sent inside Brighton Asylum to take on the undead. Pull the trigger for a real recoil, muzzle flash, and loud bang!  And always remember,…AIM FOR THE HEAD!

Dates, and times are extremely limited for this special event and this event WILL sell out so we highly recommend getting your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.  


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