NOTE:  The Tunnel and Brighton Asylum are included with your “Brighton Asylum” general admission or fast pass ticket purchase and are experienced without getting into another wait line.  You will go from the Tunnel directly to Brighton Asylum without interruption.

First, you will visit the Brighton Asylum “research and testing” facility where you and your group will undergo a series of tests to ensure your physical and psychological readiness before proceeding further into the facility.  Do you have what it takes to survive one of America’s most feared and notorious institutions?  Unfortunately, this series of testing can  only give us a small understanding of your capabilities.  The only way to truly test your fears, is to subject you to the same triggers that ultimately caused thousands before you to lose their minds.

Next, you will board our 75 year old service elevators.  Often violent and very unreliable, you will take them past several floors to your ultimate destination,…The Tunnel.  The Tunnel was used back in the late 1940’s as service passages for staff in order to bypass the more heavily populated and more dangerous asylum areas.  However, before its closing in 1952, the Tunnel became a breeding ground for patient  escape attempts, staff gone mad, and horrible/unsanctioned patient experiments.  To this day, nobody truly knows the extent at which the Tunnel was compromised from its original state.  If you can manage to make it through unscathed, you still have the infamous Brighton Asylum to contend with.