Brighton Asylum

NEW FOR 2018

Guests can choose to opt in for a full contact experience each and every night.  Thrilling for adrenaline seekers, and safe for those who don’t like to be touched!

Completely renovated in 2017, Brighton Asylum is a terrifying trip through an abandoned asylum re-opened after 59 years!  Further updated for 2018, the brand new scares and over the top special effects will leave you running for your life!

The Bleeding Grounds


“The Bleeding Grounds” will take guests on a journey through the staff quarters of Brighton Asylum, located on the abandoned 2nd floor, closed in 1952, and marveled at by guests in 2011 as they passed under its barred up windows to enter Brighton Asylum and The Tunnel.

Find out why these elaborate quarters, where staff once worked, slept, researched, and experimented, were ultimately dubbed,…The Bleeding Grounds.

The Tunnel

Renovated in 2017!

WARNING: This experience exposes guests to fog effects, loud and sudden sounds, strobe lights, psychological tactics, and motion effects.

Start your journey at Brighton Asylum’s “research and development” center, where you and your friends will be subjected to a series of “testing” procedures by Brighton’s own research team.  Your “readiness” to proceed further into the Asylum will be thoroughly tested in this fully immersive, interactive pre-show experience!

Next, you will board our 75 year old service elevators.  Often violent and very unreliable, you will take them past several floors to your ultimate destination,…The Tunnel.  The Tunnel was used back in the late 1940’s as service passages for staff in order to bypass the more heavily populated and more dangerous asylum areas.  However, before its closing in 1952, the Tunnel became a breeding ground for patient escape attempts, staff gone mad, and horrible/unsanctioned patient experiments.  To this day, nobody truly knows the extent at which the Tunnel was compromised from its original state.  Even if you manage to make it through unscathed, you still have the infamous Brighton Asylum to contend with.

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Brighton Asylum

Located at:

2 Brighton Ave Passaic, NJ 07055 (border of Clifton)

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New Jersey’s legendary Brighton Asylum, opened once again after shutting down in 1952, is the state’s scariest haunted house destination.  Featured on The Today Show, Cake Boss, Buzzfeed, visited by actor James Franco, and countless others around the world.   Commit yourself to the ultimate Halloween destination this fall!

The Legend Of Brighton Asylum

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