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Clown Asylum


As if a haunted house wasn’t scary enough? We decided to fill this one entirely with demented clowns! Big clowns, little clowns, clowns with chainaws…they are ALL here for a one of a kind interactive haunted house like no other. Bring your friends and don’t tell them about the clowns until they find out the hard way! Then enjoy the screams!

If you are too afraid but still want to attend, you can get one of our free protection balloons before entering, which will keep these morbid and demented clowns from devouring your soul. If you are unfamiliar with our contact events, please visit our Contact Nights page for more Info.

Our Escape Rooms will also be open. Choose from 60 min & 5 min experiences. 60 min Escape Room tickets are only available in advance so purchase yours ahead of time to guarantee entry.

May 16th, 2020. Ticket booth hours are 7:30pm-9:30pm. This event may sell out so it is strongly recommended to purchase your tickets in advance.

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